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Welcome to HarpBug Electronix 


Your One stop shop for Blues Harp Effect pedals and related Items exclusively for Blues Harp 



I am currently offering the following True Bypass pedals for order


The HarpBug: Overdrive 

The HarpBug :Delay/Echo 

The HarpBug :Tone Equalizer 

The Harpbug :Vintage Box 

The HarpBug:  Sonic Maximizer 

Have you ever tried to get that vintage tone on your amp ?

But have never been quite able to imitate you favorite 

blues harp player?.So why not try one of my pedals 

they are especially built to help you get that fat chicago 

vintage sound on any half decent tube amp, 

Take the Harp overdriver as an example specially 

developed for blues harp microphones with its high

impedence input buffer to match you high impedence


Add my special Fatballs bass boost circuit that you can switch on or off when you want that extra fat tone, and all that for less than the price of a custom built blues harp. Hey that cant be bad deal !!!!. 

One added bonus: My pedals are a lot cheaper than some overpriced boutique blues harp amp that is nothing more than a tweeked down guitar Amp only a lot more expensive.

Also all my pedals are custom sprayed to your specs free of charge 

why not give one a try. 


Purchase Information :

I accept paypal payments only, that way both customer and i are protected.

Please Email me for further Details 

Shipping and Return Policy:


I can ship your pedal to any country you request , however i have no influence on your customs and excise costs for importing you pedal.

shipping within the EU is however not a problem ,so please contact me for postal prices etc before purchasing.


If for any reason you decide to return your pedal. 

I will give a full refund up to 14 days from the original purchase Date minus 4% paypal fee. 


Due to the fact that i do not build these pedals as a a full-time job ,each pedal will be built to customers orders

and will take approximately 3 weeks from order to delivery time.

Please Note:

Each pedal is hand built and tested by me before shipping , and i can offer a limited warrenty on them but 

due to the nature of electronic components, if the pedal is tampered with or dropped the warrenty will be void. 

Please understand i have to stick to this policy as im not a shop or factory but just one guy trying to build 

good quality  effect pedals exclusively for the Blues Harp .And by not offering a full warrenty etc i can keep my 

costs down and offer you high quality products at a very nice price .




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